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Supporting our Parish
All gospel ministry and the day-to day running of Kinawley & Holy Trinity - evangelism, children, teenagers, 20-30’s, men, women, seniors, overseas partners and much else besides, is dependent, under God, on the generous giving of our church family and a few others. We would be glad of your partnership in this gospel work through prayer and giving of time and money.

We also hold an annual Gift Day in November, and you can read all about the Gift Day that took place in 2021 by following this link.

We will also have our budget 2022 document available early November. This includes further information about our finances, plus more information on the biblical perspective for giving. Please contact the Parish Treasurer if you'd like to receive a copy and an abbreviated version should be available as a PDF in the near future.
Kinawley Holy Trinity

Our Parish Finances
Where does the money come from?

Regular giving by those subscribing to the church represents a commitment to the parish and its work and establishes intentional, regular planned giving focused on Sunday worship. This can be done anonymously if desired. Tax refunds from donations made under Gift Aid are an important source of funding and people remembering the work of Kinawley & Holy Trinity in their wills i.e. bequests have been a great blessing to the church.

The Rector of the parish receives a stipend directly from the central body of the Church of Ireland (Representative Body) based in Dublin. The parish – through the diocese – sends this overall amount in 4 quarterly instalments. This payment made by the parish is called ‘Sustentation’.

What is it spent on?

Our highest expenditure is for the services of full-time ministry. We also support mission locally and internationally and other parish activities. The maintenance of a rectory and church building make up the balance of what we spend. Our money gets spent across the range of ministries in ways and amounts which are monitored and controlled by the elected representatives of the church—the Select Vestry (SV). This constant review, as well as the presentation and publication of accounts once per year ensures we do our best to honour God with the way in which our resources are spent. A copy of our Accounts for 2019 can be downloaded by following this link [opens in seperate tab].

As a Parish we are keen to serve you and would appreciate ideas from you as to how we can do this. From the autumn we plan to have several events that we would encourage you to get involved with.
How to give


Most regular parishioners will contribute through weekly envelopes available on request. Increasingly though, a very helpful way to give is through a standing order or direct debit. This allows us to plan our finances much more easily. If you’re considering a standing order, the bank details for the parish are as follows:

Name: Kinawley & Holy Trinity Parish
Account Number: 43187060
Sort Code: 98-09-70


If you wish to make a one-off donation to the work of Kinawley & Holy Trinity, this can be done by sending a cheque (payable to “Kinawley & Holy Trinity Parish”) to the Parish Treasurer, or by sending money directly to our bank account (details above). Giving regularly or one-off can also be done through our website by following the link below, which will open in a seperate window
Tax efficiency

If you are a UK taxpayer, we would encourage you to complete a Gift Aid declaration as this increases the value of your donation by 25% because we claim back the tax you have paid. Please note that to qualify for Gift Aid you must pay UK income and/or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax reclaimed on your donations.

You can download a Gift Aid declaration form by following this link.


A number of people have generously remembered the work of Kinawley & Holy Trinity through bequests in their wills. If you would like information on how this may be done, please contact the Parish Treasurer.

Changes in giving

Contact details for forms, donations, and information

Rector: Rev. Alastair Donaldson    |    07737 865 326

Parish Secretary: Joanne Willis    |    07740 373 688

Parish Treasurer: Carol Follis    |     07852 444 588

Parish Recorder: Helen Finlay
07855 040 684
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Registered Charity Number: 105440

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